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GRYFITLAB Sp. z o.o.


2 Prosta St, Łozienica

72-100 Goleniów

Number of shares GREMPCO S.A.: 400 pcs.

GREMPCO S.A. shares: 100,00%

District Court Szczecin-Centrum in Szczecin,
XIII Economic Department of the National Court Register

Date of registration in the National Court Register:
June 21, 2005


Nr KRS: 0000236527

Nr REGON: 320054643

NIP: 9552128725


GRYFITLAB Sp. z o.o. is an independent research and development laboratory which provides laboratory services based on qualifications, including:
• Accreditation AB 818 Polish Center for Accreditation, covering environmental and building acoustics and fire resistance tests,
• Authorization of the Ministry of Economy (decision 8 / AU / WB / 10 on granting GRYFITLAB Sp. Z o.o. Authorization),
• Authorization of the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy (Decision No. 4 / AU / WB / 12 and No. 8 / AU / WB / 12) on granting GRYFITLAB Sp. z o.o. Authorization)
• Notification of the European Commission regarding the implementation of tasks related to the conformity assessment of construction products in accordance with the requirements of Directive 89/106 / EC (notification no. NB 2253).

The company provides research and development services mainly within two laboratory units:


Fire Testing Laboratory, where are carried out fire resistance tests of:

  • building elements: walls, ceilings, raised floors, suspended ceilings, doors, windows, blinds, closing of openings in building walls, passages and installation culverts,

  • lightweight devices resistant to fire (colloquially fireproof safes),

  • elements of ventilation systems: fire dampers, fire ventilation flaps, smoke extract ducts.


Acoustics Laboratory that conducts research using reverberation chambers:

• Aeroacoustic parameters of ventilation and air-conditioning devices,

• Sound insulation against air sounds, wall partitions, doors and windows,

• Sound power level of machines and devices

and environmental acoustic tests.


GRYFITLAB Sp. z o.o. achieved in 2018 100% utilization of its production assets in the scope of provided research. Almost half of the services sold go to external customers, including customers from countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia. For several years, the Company has been the source of dividends.

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