GREMPCO S.A. is a capital investment company. Currently, the portfolio consists of three companies:

  • CIAT Sp. z o.o. – center of excellence in the field of providing innovative installation products, thanks to technological advance in efficient production process

  • GRYFITLAB Sp. z o.o. –  first private polish group of accredited and notified in the EU laboratories, offering their services in the fields of fire testing, acoustics and interior microclimatic comfort,

  • FLUID DESK Sp. z o.o. –   IT company providing software supporting installation systems design - leader of CAD & BIM market in Poland.

GREMPCO S.A. is a company managing a capital investments portfolio. Investments are focused on high technology companies in the construction engineering sector. GREMPCO S.A. investment is focused on narrow specialization market and has a long-term investment horizon.

GREMPCO S.A. should be recognized through the prism of the operating activities of portfolio companies. The investment portfolio combines the features of high innovation and high growth potential.

Companies from the GREMPCO S.A. portfolio have the newest available technical infrastructure. GREMPCO S.A. portfolio companies completed investment programs with a total value of nearly 30 million PLN, which significantly increased their technical potential not only in the context of maximum production capacity, but also in terms of flexibility of production processes and high productivity, giving notable competitive advantages.



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tel.: +48 91 421 49 42


Łozienica,  2 Prosta Street
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